Hopsy SUB Residence Faucet evaluate: One other beer equipment that nobody can purchase

When my editor prompt I evaluate the SUB Residence Faucet Compact, a standalone mini-keg chilling machine with a paired supply service, I assumed, “That sounds excellent—who doesn’t need that?” However then I discovered the kegs are proprietary, solely maintain simply over four pints, and may take as much as 12 hours to relax. Plus, the entire thing prices $200. So, the truth examine impressed a brand new query: “That sounds horrible—who would really purchase that?”

Effectively, after utilizing Hopsy for over a month, it’s precisely as I assumed it might be—besides that, surprisingly, I loved my time with it.

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The Hopy SUB Compact is ready to pour a properly chilled beer to 35 levels.

The system’s key ingredient is the SUB compact, a chiller and faucet designed by Krups that’s capable of chill beer in ambient room temperatures as much as 82 levels. My residence by no means acquired previous the mid 70s throughout testing, and the chiller was capable of cool a beer to a pleasurable 35 levels—an indicator turns from purple to inexperienced signifying readiness. The included handbook says Hopsy can take up 12 hours to relax a keg at a room temperature of 72 levels, however thankfully it took about 7 hours for a room within the mid 60s for me.

The handbook recommends storing extra kegs (related in dimension to 2-liter soda bottles) in your fridge, which actually defeats the aim of getting a countertop equipment. The Hopsy is ready to regulate stress within the mini-kegs, however the pump emits a loud deep buzz and also you’ll hear this whenever you set up a brand new mini-keg or any time beer is poured. The unit feels well-built and it’s definitely fashionable, albeit a bit massive at 17.eight x 7.5 x 15.1 inches. It’s total countertop presence evokes a big stand mixer. The Hopsy averages lower than 20 watts to maintain chilled, and if it ran 24/7 for a yr, your power prices would possibly hit about $25.

Hopsy SUB Compact internal chamber Daniel Masaoka / IDG

Changing a mini-keg is fast and simple.  Sadly it takes a very long time to relax.

Hopsy’s proprietary mini-kegs simply slot contained in the chiller and embrace many of the dishing out faucet system, so that you don’t should undergo the trouble of cleansing traces such as you would with a traditional faucet. Reducing open certainly one of these plastic containers revealed a second plastic chamber inside the outer one. Preserving the beer remoted on this inside chamber whereas the surface chamber is pressurized by the SUB prevents the beer from oxidizing and going unhealthy.

Hopsy SUB Compact mini-keg nozzle Daniel Masaoka / IDG

The mini-keg consists of many of the faucet system.  In different phrases, no line cleansing and upkeep crucial.

Hopsy says the SUB can maintain a mini-keg recent for as much as two weeks, and testing that timeframe appeared to show the case—carbonation remained constant and I by no means encountered discernable off-tastes. Every mini-keg prices wherever from $10 to $21, holds 67 fluid ounces (the equal of a 6-pack or four pints of beer) and the beer is sourced from business breweries, most of which might be labeled as craft.

Hopsy says it’s capable of present brisker beer by shortening the availability chain and going from Brewery to Hopsy to the shopper, generally in only a few days, however I didn’t see bottling dates on any labels. Adults 21 and older can buy particular person mini-kegs on-line as packs or as an everyday subscription, however sadly Hopsy is just out there to clients in California, New York, and Illinois, and you may solely get beer delivered from breweries inside your individual state.

So is Hopsy definitely worth the cash?

Finally, there’s isn’t something horrible about The Hopsy SUB—however there are a number of the reason why you simply don’t want to purchase it.

In case you want to have selection in your beer-drinking life, you’re higher off shopping for 6-packs and storing a range in your fridge. In case you drink usually or have frequent small get-togethers, 4 pints is hardly sufficient, and also you’ll be confronted with storing further mini-kegs within the fridge (which entails common alternative, and the noise that comes with it). In actual fact, should you entertain usually, you’re higher off going with a full kegerator that may deal with standardized kegs from 2.5 gallons as much as 15 gallons.

Moreover, I wasn’t impressed with the beer choice. On the time of this writing and taking a look at California service solely, the location presents solely 15 beers from six breweries and 5 of these beers are brewed by Gordon Biersch. I don’t take into account myself a beer snob and I feel Gordon Biersch is ok, however the choice critically lacks selection. Granted, I stay within the Bay Space and the beer choice out there at nearly each close by retailer is best—so perhaps I’m spoiled. I encourage you to take a look at the Hopsy beer list and see if you feel the same. It’s worth noting that two of Hopsy’s partner breweries are Heineken and Dos Equis, which don’t necessarily scream high quality.

Hopsy SUB Compact Daniel Masaoka / IDG

The Hopsy SUB Compact is about the same size as a large stand mixer and the mini-keg is close to the size of a 2-liter soda.

Finally, while I had no issues with temperature or carbonation, the whole system could be more intelligent, adjusting both the beer temperature and serving pressure to the precise specifications from the brewer for that particular brew. This is the kind of control a true beer enthusiast would expect to see.

After a full month of testing, I thought the whole concept was a bit silly, but I did find myself enjoying it for one simple reason: the ability to draw 6 to 8 ounce pours. Whether it be for small breaks during weekend house work or a nightcap before bed, I don’t always want to commit myself to a full 12 ounce beer.

All that said, I can really only recommend this for one type of person. If you drink often, but don’t drink very much at a single sitting, and don’t need a particularly large or distinguished selection of beers, the SUB Home Tap could be for you. Of course, you’ll also have to absorb the cost of the SUB and its beer service, have lots of counter space, and have no good beer available nearby.

Do you fit that bill? Then the Hopsy SUB Home Tap could be just what you need.

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